[clug] Software Freedom Day CDs

Steve Walsh Steve at nerdvana.org.au
Thu Sep 6 01:29:42 GMT 2007

Hi paul (et al)

I also have ~15 spindles of 50 x printable verbatim CD's similar to what 
I used for last year's SFD disks. I'm happy to pass these onto you guys 
if needed, let me know and I'll confirm how many I have and how much 
they'll set you back and I can drop them into the post either tomorrow 
or monday.


Paul Wayper wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've just received our parcel of shirts, balloons, posters and most 
> importantly CDs to give away.  This year we've got a grand total of 30 
> Ubuntu 7.04 CDs (intel architecture, presumably 32-bit) and five Open 
> CDs - this is way less than last year because of the large response 
> Software Freedom Day has received around the world.  However, judging 
> from how we went at the Careers market, those will go in about 14.7 
> seconds  We would ideally need around 1000 CDs to give out on the day, 
> but that would cost around $400 to buy from Harris Technology or 
> similar.  There's a better way.
> What I'm proposing is that we pool our money and then go to the swap 
> meet on the weekend and get the best price we can for as many CDs as 
> possible.  I'd prefer the ones you can print on because I think they 
> look better than an anonymous gold CD with a title scrawled on it, and 
> I think if we front up with a bulk order they'll give us a good 
> price.  I'm happy to take IOUs to be collected at the CLUG PSIG or 
> main meetings - before or after the event - but I'd be happier with 
> cash in my hand.  A hundred CDs costs around $25-$30 at the swap meet,
> So please email me (privately or on-list), SMS or phone me on 0422 392 
> 081, or phone me on 6251 5257 (h) or 6125 0643 (w) if you'd like to 
> donate money to purchase CDs for Software Freedom Day.  Please get 
> back to me by *this* *Friday* - the 8th of September - even if you're 
> just promising an IOU, because I intend to go to the swap meet on 
> Saturday the 9th.  If you'd like to also come along with me on that 
> swap meet and provide a bit more clout to our request, then that'd be 
> great too!
> I also need people to burn the CDs and print the labels on them, so 
> email me if you can do that too.  On Saturday afternoon I'll go around 
> dropping CDs off to people, and if you can't make it to the PSIG and 
> aren't coming to help with the stall on Saturday 15th then I'll pick 
> them up off you later next week too.
> So if you can do any of this, or would like to help in any other way, 
> please let me know!
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul

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