[clug] linux.conf.au?

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Wed Sep 5 01:22:50 GMT 2007

Sunnz wrote:
> Hi I am very new to Linux, and am wondering what is this linux.conf.au about?
> Is it a conference thing? Do people go out of Canberra for a few days
> to attend it? Does it cost anything?
Most of the answers to your precise questions are on the linux.conf.au
website, but the overview is that it's a big convention where open
source programmers and users get together for a week and learn about the
great new stuff that's going on.  IMO the talks, while fantastic, are
only half the fun: the other half is meeting people - in
Birds-of-a-Feather sessions, hallways, at lunch, dinner, and in the
dorms - who like the same jokes, have similar interests and generally
give you the feeling that you're not as isolated and different as we
hackers can all feel.  And it's a great time to give and receive
knowledge - I've been able to help other people with problems and, in
turn, have received help getting things working that have stumped me. 
After over-use of the word 'awesome' at the 2007 conference, we're no
longer allowed to call it that, but it's hugely cool, incredibly fun,
and it always leaves me hungry for more!

Hope this helps,


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