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Kim Holburn kim.holburn at gmail.com
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if you type
:set all <return>
there is a setting "breakat"
breakat= ^I!@*-+;:,./?

There is another one:

 From the help file:

The 'iskeyword' option specifies which characters can appear in a  
word: >

         :set iskeyword
<         iskeyword=@,48-57,_,192-255

The "@" stands for all alphabetic letters.  "48-57" stands for ASCII
characters 48 to 57, which are the numbers 0 to 9.  "192-255" are the
printable latin characters.
    Sometimes you will want to include a dash in keywords, so that  
like "w" consider "upper-case" to be one word.  You can do it like  
this: >

         :set iskeyword+=-
         :set iskeyword
<         iskeyword=@,48-57,_,192-255,-

If you look at the new value, you will see that Vim has added a comma  
for you.
    To remove a character use "-=".  For example, to remove the  
underscore: >

         :set iskeyword-=_
         :set iskeyword
<         iskeyword=@,48-57,192-255,-

This time a comma is automatically deleted.

It may be that if you have syntax on this setting depends on the syntax.

On 2007/Sep/04, at 2:54 PM, David Tulloh wrote:

> Michael James wrote:
>> What sets the characters allowed in a "word"
>>  when you use the  "cw"  command?
>> In the good old days it was strictly  "a-zA-Z0-9_"
>> Now it seems to have unilatterally allowed  ".-"   !
>> Short of setting vi compatible mode,
>>  how do I abate this nusance?
> Using an uppercase W and B instead of the lowercase does what you  
> desire.  So cW will replace something like an IP address for you.
> I'm not sure how to change the functionality, I like the way it works.
> David
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