[clug] WiFi/Cellular dual mode cell phone

Chris Zhang u4123459 at anu.edu.au
Mon Sep 3 07:08:20 GMT 2007

Hi List,

I am looking to get a dual mode WiFi/Cellular capable mobile phone since
Telstra is phasing out CDMA network.

I am really impressed with the calling rates with some of the mobile
VOIP services, e.g. Truphone, Gizmo, Skype, etc.

On average these companies charge you nothing for landline phone calls,
and roughly 30c/min to any mobile network within Australia. (same rates
apply to about 30 other countries as well)

I did some research on different providers. Skype requires a cell phone
to run its own program, which raises the specs a bit comparing to using
other providers, it also charges a few more cents/min to Australia
mobile networks.

As for the other two providers, namely Truphone and Gizmo. They
recommended Nokia N and E series, which is considerably priced.

My other option is to get a wifi phone, and another GSM/3G cell phone. I
don't quite see the benefit of this as financially it does not quite
justify the hassle of carrying two devices.

I will probably go with a WiFi/Cellular dual mode phone. Does anyone
have any experience with this sort of things? Alternatively, is there
any other way(new technology) thatI haven't thought of?



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