[clug] Kontact and outlook calendar

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Mon Oct 29 06:45:27 GMT 2007


> I need to to create entries in outlook groupware calendar.
> Can I do this out of Kontact Calendar?

A couple of ideas, none of which I have really tried:

 * In Configure Kontact -> Calendar -> Plugins there seems to be 
a 'Microsoft Exchange 2000 Plugin' which claims that "This plugin 
allows korganiser users to work with Microsoft Exchange 2000 groupware 

 * If you're only interested in Free/Busy scheduling, there's the 
Free/Busy tab in the Calendar config, which uses HTTP to 
publish/retrieve the Free/Busy info from a central location. Perhaps 
the exchange server exposes a HTTP service that you can plug this into?



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