[clug] MYOB under Wine

alex at receptiveit.com.au alex at receptiveit.com.au
Fri Oct 26 04:20:07 GMT 2007

I also currently use MYOB, which is the last Windows specific program that
I use. I have it working just fine under Win4Lin PRO, which is a
commercial product that virtualises a Windows 2000 layer. This is a little
heavier than Wine, but I had no joy installing it under Wine several years
ago when I did this.

At the end of the day, MYOB and Premier company files are just that...
Files. A good backup plan including daily snapshot backups of the company
file, should be all the insurance you need.

Printing should be a simple one to solve if you can get the application
working ok.

Let me know how you go.


> We are considering moving our admin computer at work over to Ubuntu and
> the only program that is windows specific is MYOB premier 11 which seemed
> to install fine under wine except that it only works with our color inkjet
> network printer not our black and white laser, which isn't a big deal. But
> the guys are still a bit reluctant to trust all our financial stuff to an
> application running under wine. Has anyone had experience good or bad with
> this? Do we risk corrupting anything?
> Jason
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