[clug] upgrade to ubuntu 7.10

Paul Warren paul.warren at anu.edu.au
Thu Oct 25 02:37:53 GMT 2007

Peter Anderson wrote:
> Colleagues,
> Has anyone else had problems with the Install of "Gutsy"? I downloaded
> both the "Live CD" and "alternate" versions of Ubuntu 7.10 (Internode
> does not count downloads from their mirror against your monthly
> allowance - very nice thank you Mr Internode!) and have had problems
> with *BOTH*. They get to the stage of "Configuring apt" ... "Scanning
> the mirror..." and just hang. When I Googled the previous quotes there
> seems to be lots of people having the same problem. The consensus seems
> to be there is a problem with the install scripts when using ADSL to
> connect to the mirrors but I can't vouch for that.

I also had this problem during install.  I got around it by disabling
the network while it was hung on "scanning mirror".  Seemed to be DNS
timeouts or something. Just had to re-enable repositories in synaptic
when I rebooted, then everything worked fine.

I've found that 7.10 uses up a lot more memory with the Gnome desktop up
than 7.04,  so much that I start swapping with Firefox, thunderbird,
rhythmbox and a few terminals and emacs windows :(

Paul Warren
ANUSF Data Intensive Projects
Rm 335, Leonard Huxley Building
56 Mills Rd.

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