[clug] Linux.conf.au Registrations are now open!

Rob Weir rweir at ertius.org
Wed Oct 24 03:16:24 GMT 2007

On 24 Oct 2007, Jason wrote:
> For us Linux conf newbies, can someone explain the difference between
> the three types of ticket? In particular what are the requirements for
> being a Hobbyist vs a Professional (I'm guessing I'm not Concession
> worthy)

At least in the past the intention was:

Concession: full-time student, unemployed, etc - have a (current) card
            to demonstrate this at registration.

Hobbyist: anyone else who is paying their own way

Professional: people who are being sent on the company dime

> and what do the following items entail:
> Penguin Dinner

The conference dinner on the final night - featuring the announcement of
the next year's host city and the Rusty Wrench award.

> Networking Session

Professional delegates + sponsors + booze + a neat location for a couple
of hours on one evening.

> Extra Goodies

Extra schwag in the bag.

> Professional Listing

A mention of your name in the conference booklet.

> Couldn't find info on them on the site but I could just be blind.

me either - last year's details are at

no wonder the sound has so much body!

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