[clug] wireless broadband in canberra

Kieran Moore kieran at mooreit.com.au
Tue Oct 23 13:19:23 GMT 2007

Three has my vote. I've been using it for a few months now... quality
service and it's great value.

Signup on a business plan was simple too. I had received the modem and was
up and running within 48 hours of sending them a purchase order.


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> I've recently moved to Canberra (from Melbourne - was part of LUV
> there) and the serviced apartments I have been staying in does not
> offer competative rates (those being $11 per hour). Been looking on
> the web, but I can't seem to find anything but brochures like:
> http://www.chilli.net.au/wireless_broadband-chilli_iburst_plans.htm
> Can anyone recommend wireless broadband that works with Linux? I guess
> the company doesn't need to say it support Linux, but what I'm hoping
> for is they they can supply a wireless ethernet modem that support
> DHCP. I would prefer it not be a PCICMA card.

Two Choices:

   1. www.three.com.au  ($29/month + $10 for modem rental).
       -- I have not tried this with linux but I have heard reports that
          do work. Only 1GB Quota.
       -- This is a USB modem thing.  I tried it on Mac and PeeCee.

   2. www.virginbroadband.com.au ($60/month)
       -- This thing is not strictly a roaming thing (part of the AUP
is that you
           dont) but you get free local and national calls on the
thing via built
           in VoIP to a normal phone and a 4GB Quota
           max speed is 1.5Mbit though.
       -- This thing I have used and can recommend it. Disgustingly easy to

Take a look on the whirlpool forums for more.

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