[clug] F7 boot kills BIOS

Alex Osborne alex at mugofgrog.com
Sun Oct 21 09:29:19 GMT 2007

If you're lucky, it's just a bad driver. Try removing the "rhgb" (Red  
Hat Graphical Boot) and "quiet" options from the kernel command-line  
and adding "single" (single user mode).  That should (in theory, I  
don't use Fedora) bypass the graphical stuff so you can see the boot  
messages.  If it still dies, you'll hopefully get a hint as to what's  
causing it from the kernel messages.  If not, then it is likely one  
of the loadable modules, so you could try loading them manually and  
see if you can find the culprit.  If you have no luck fixing it at  
all you always have the option of just borrowing the kernel from the  
working version Knoppix. ;-)

Also, you probably already know this, but assuming Fedora uses normal  
GRUB for boot loading you can easily edit the kernel options on  
startup by pressing the "e" key in the boot menu, and "e" again on  
the kernel line, change it as you like, enter and then "b" to boot.

Good luck,


On 21/10/2007, at 6:29 PM, Eyal Lebedinsky wrote:

> Just installed fresh fedora 7, off the DVD, no updates yet.
> At boot time, soon after the graphics progress window comes up, the  
> machine stops
> with blinking CapsLock and ScrollLock. This, I understand, means  
> the kernel decided
> to die.
> What boot options should I try to (possibly) get past this?

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