[clug] The Number One Success System Gifting

Tommy Lee noss1233 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 09:24:54 GMT 2007


According to *The Economist*, "developed economies'" assets at the end of
2002 was

   - Residential property: $48 trillion
   - Commercial property: $14 trillion
   - Equities: $20 trillion
   - Government bonds: $20 trillion
   - Corporate bonds: $13 trillion
   - Total: $115 trillion

That makes real estate assets 54% and financial assets 46% of total stocks,
bonds, and real estate assets. Assets not counted here are bank deposits,
insurance "reserve" assets, and human assets; also it is not clear if all
debt and equity investments are counted in the categories equities and
bonds. For US asset levels see FRB: Z.1 Release-- Flow of Funds Accounts of
the United States

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