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I remember that, it was sort of text based as I recall.  These days  
it's all graphic openGL etc.  Like these: spacetime <http:// 
www.spacetime.com/>. 3B <http://3b.net>, Spheresite: <http:// 
www.spheresite.com/> or possibly that amazing thing from TED  
(photosynth (Yeah I know it's M$ but it's really, really worth a  
watch): <http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/129>

It seems it was something called HotSauce: <http://en.wikipedia.org/ 

On 2007/Oct/19, at 7:12 AM, Alex Satrapa wrote:

> Does anyone remember a project called "x-space" (or something  
> similar, vague I know) where one could navigate through a "space"  
> of words that were linked in some way (for example, topics in a  
> dictionary) by "zooming in", during which process the space  
> renderer would show or hide linkages that became more relevant at a  
> particular level of "zoom"?
> From memory, at the "top" level you'd see a few nodes linked  
> together, which were the most "important" nodes in the network.  
> Then as you "zoom in" on one node, you'd see more linked nodes  
> appearing (and more nodes appearing that were linked to linked  
> nodes) around the node of interest, with links disappearing from  
> the peer nodes at the new "top" of interest.
> Vague enough?
> I think it was one of the first interesting examples of Java  
> programming that I remember, so this would have been some time  
> around 2002.
> Alex
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