[clug] [OT] X-Space (old Apple(?) project)

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Fri Oct 19 05:12:34 GMT 2007

Does anyone remember a project called "x-space" (or something  
similar, vague I know) where one could navigate through a "space" of  
words that were linked in some way (for example, topics in a  
dictionary) by "zooming in", during which process the space renderer  
would show or hide linkages that became more relevant at a particular  
level of "zoom"?

 From memory, at the "top" level you'd see a few nodes linked  
together, which were the most "important" nodes in the network. Then  
as you "zoom in" on one node, you'd see more linked nodes appearing  
(and more nodes appearing that were linked to linked nodes) around  
the node of interest, with links disappearing from the peer nodes at  
the new "top" of interest.

Vague enough?

I think it was one of the first interesting examples of Java  
programming that I remember, so this would have been some time around  


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