[clug] Linux support for Canberra business

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Tue Oct 16 02:44:03 GMT 2007

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Mike Carden wrote:
> I have a friend working for a small to medium enterprise in Canberra
> and they're looking to replace their Netware / Groupwise setup with a
> Microsoft rollout.
> Said friend mentioned that perhaps Linux may be a viable alternative
> and the idea wasn't outright rejected. Instead, the powers that be
> said, "Who can we talk to locally to do it and look after it?"
> So is there someone doing SME Linux deployment and support in the
> Canberra region who I can point my friend at?

Picking a name right off the top of the distro I'm using, I'd say Red Hat.
They have a trainer in Canberra and I believe they are getting together a team
to do support contract work.  Of course, I might be misremembering,
misunderstanding, or outright lying here, but I'd recommend getting in touch
with Red Hat as a start point.

What we need is some kind of group that would do Linux support in Canberra.
We could call it 'Care For Linux' or something like that... :-)

Have fun,

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