[clug] Ten Funny Quotes By Linus Torvalds

Sakari Mattila smattila at tpg.com.au
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At least 
"Dijkstra probably hates me"
(in kernel/sched.c)
is obvious, because Minix was about
A$ 300 and a very small subset of Unix
without any kind of graphics and only 
run on certain types of genuine IBM 
PCs with two floppy (5.25") drives.
(I never got it running properly)

The monkey quote sounds like prof.
Martti Tienari's, who was Linus' teacher
and then the head of the CS faculty
at U of Helsinki.

Tienari also had in 1970s comments about
the future of computer science "When
computers are as common as washing 
machines, computer science has as high
esteem as the washing machine science."

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> But the best one was in one of the comments:
> "Software is like Sex
> It's better when it is FREE"
> --Linus Torvalds
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