[clug] Linux in education [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Rousak, Boris Boris.Rousak at industry.gov.au
Sat Oct 6 00:50:05 GMT 2007

>If all you're teaching a student is "This is the magical incantation to
make the black box do <x>", you're not really teaching anything. That's
a class that should be dropped in favour of a class that does actually
teach something.

Sounds really good - but unfortunately teachers have limited time to
teach a class so "magical incantations" is what it comes down to. It is
then up to the student to ask "how does it actually work" and if the
teacher is good and is willing to invest the time, they will point the
student in the right direction and help them find the answer. 

If anyone can think of a better way to try to expand students minds in
45 min while still managing to teach them most basic concepts and still
getting them to remember it in time for the test, please speak now :)
BTW this is now a stir but a genuine request

Just my 2c

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