[clug] Linux in education

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Oct 4 03:35:32 GMT 2007

Michael Still wrote on 4/10/07 10:19 AM:
> The role of higher education is to... educate. Not make people
> comfortable. The fact that undergrads are uncomfortable when exposed
> to new things is more an indicator that they really need that exposure
> than anything else.
> Mikal
That's a novel thought :-)

In 1997 I went to the ACM UIST Conference [User Interface Software &
Technology] and was horrofied: - *all* the papers & work discussed were
based around MS-Windows...

No Mac, No X11 - nothing else...
And this was leading edge *and* academic.

Not sure if the situation has changed now - that's an old datapoint.

And none of the Academics I talked to thought it was a problem...
Like CSE @ UC: "we do Windows, get with it"


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