[clug] Linux in education

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Thu Oct 4 00:19:05 GMT 2007

Mike Carden wrote:
> On 10/3/07, Ben Chaplin <wombat at chapmac.com> wrote:
>> I'm currently in first year at the ANU (hi Bob!) and on the computing
>> forums there are quite a few people suggesting we should be running
>> Windows in the IT labs because they feel uncomfortable with Linux and
>> think Windows would be faster and easier.
> They what? I hope that's just the grumblings of the few and not a
> serious proposal. If my application to start an undergraduate degree
> at ANU DCS next year is successful, I'll certainly be hoping that
> Linux continues to have a home there.
> I can't imagine that the current staff would like to see a change to
> Windows, but maybe that's because the only staff I meet are the pro
> Linux (or MacOS) people.

The role of higher education is to... educate. Not make people 
comfortable. The fact that undergrads are uncomfortable when exposed to 
new things is more an indicator that they really need that exposure than 
anything else.


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