[clug] Linux in education

Hugh Fisher hugh.fisher at anu.edu.au
Wed Oct 3 06:19:57 GMT 2007

Ben Chaplin wrote:
> I think the biggest motivating factor in using Windows in schools is the 
> perception, whether true or not, that "pretty much everyone" in the 
> corporate and home environments uses Windows and there's no point 
> teaching kids anything else.

[ munch ]

> Then there are all the ethical and monetary advantages of running  an 
> open source primary platform but if I get started on those we might be 
> here for a while...

Neither schools nor the ACT government would be reluctant
about saving money if it were possible. As Ben points out,
though, there's a perception that MS Windows is what
everyone uses. It's not that they don't consider the
alternatives, they really aren't even aware that there
is anything else. ("They" is rounded off to the nearest
5% or 10% here - a few teachers may know about Linux,
but you need a broader public recognition.)

Get together with (RedHat/Novell/insert your favourite
Linux service & support firm here) and give the schools
and ACT government a business plan: "we will convert
all your machines to Linux at $X per desktop and server
with guaranteed equivalent functionality, we provide
24/7 or 8/5 service and helpdesk at $Y per hundred
machines per year, you will save $Z per year from not
needing MS licenses and longer useful life from PCs."

If they don't go for it, send a copy to the opposition!


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