[clug] Linux in education

Steve Walsh Steve at nerdvana.org.au
Wed Oct 3 02:46:33 GMT 2007

According to;


All ACT Guv'mint schools run Squid as their proxy server, and 27 of the 
99 schools run SNS, the School Network Server system written by the 
CSLUG group, which combines Samba, SquirrelMail, K12LTSP, and a whole 
bunch of other bits and peices.

AFAICR, Dickson College ran quite a bit of linux stuff in their library 
(at least they did early last year) mostly managed by Samuel 
Gordon-Stewart, but I don't know it's status since he left, or even if 
he is still there, trapped in some race condition.

Pilcher, Fred wrote:
> As I drove in to work today I was musing about what kind of penetration
> Linux might have in ACT classrooms.
> In a previous life I worked in ACT Education and in those days it was
> half Apple, half MS. These days I suspect Apple would be a rarity and
> Linux is probably nonexistant. My eldest graduated from Dickson College
> last year and my youngest is at Lyneham High. They use Linux at home of
> course, but never saw or heard of it at school. If my suspicions are
> correct, what an incredible waste of resources must be going on, not
> just in the cost of buying software but also in supporting it and
> keeping it running and relatively secure; how much valuable teacher time
> and money could be saved, and how much more creative could the kids be,
> if they moved to a FOSS environment?
> Fred 
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