[clug] Ubuntu Gutsy Beta

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 12:08:54 GMT 2007

> <vent warning=long advice="dont read this">


>   I did the same, but accidentally downloaded the live version rather
> than the alternate installer.


> The GUI installer is way too heavy (does it really need to
> have all the compiz crap loaded for installation?).

Well I guess it does that to convince just a few more converter
possibles over the edge.

> <no crypt>

> Maybe im just a grumpy old man - after all that stuffing around I gave
> compiz the flick and did an "apt-get install wmaker xemacs xterm" and
> now my brand new gutsy system looks exactly like my old edgy system
> which looks exactly like my old sarge system and my old potato system
> (and rh9 and i cant quite recall before that - im sure there was a
> slackware there somewhere)...

Old habits die hard. From time to time I still gaze back over my old
painstakingly crafted .mwmrc from days gone past.(this is of course
from my beryl desktop -- yes I do find the extra whistles worthwhile,
it took a lot of convincing myself though having been a die-hard
debian + xfwm4 user for a LONG time).

Still, did you have a look at the OEM installer that is on the live CD
version?  Seems like this is the direction in which they are putting
most effort. As for a clean install then yes I suspect that you are
really looking for the alternate or server install CD. (At least on
feisty a Ubuntu desktop == ubuntu server CD + apt-get install
ubuntu-desktop give or take a few small differences).

Now I wonder if I can run my std Ubuntu (GNOME) + "killall metacity &&
xfwm4 --replace" hack?  I cant live without my Alt + 3rd mouse button
resize! :)


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