[clug] Linux on new school computers [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Adam Jenkins adam at snorkel.rtfm.net.au
Thu Nov 29 23:26:47 GMT 2007

> Not sure why so many suggestions came in for google-ware: google earth,
> google sketchup, google maps etc. Am I missing something here? We are
> trying to show what Linux/FOSS can do on a laptop/desktop/thin-client,
> not promote US-centric culturally-imperialistic web-ware that can run

Google Earth is a real Linux app.  It seems like Google Sketchup for Linux
has been promised, but isn't available yet.

Whatever one thinks of Google, the fact they are making free (closed
source) versions of their software available for Linux, is a good thing
and something to be encouraged I think.  At least while promoting the FOSS
equivalents also, but my impression is that those aren't yet as polished
and accessible as Google Earth.

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