[clug] Linux on new school computers [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

David Symons david.symons at liberatedcomputing.net
Wed Nov 28 10:17:33 GMT 2007

On Nov 28, 2007 5:15 PM, Robert Edwards <bob at cs.anu.edu.au> wrote:
> I could end up "in the hot seat" to demo Linux on a laptop. Guess I
> should fire up one with Edubuntu just in case...
> Anyone recommend any quintessentially Australian Linux/FOSS Edu-apps
> (or is that Educapps?) I should accidentally demo/refer to just in
> case this goes ahead?

Hi Bob,

Mentioning Edubuntu's thin-client capabilities and its ability to
extend the life of older hardware would be worthwhile.

It would be a cost-effective way to deliver one PC per student ;-) .

Cheers, Dave.
David Symons
Canberra, Australia

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