[clug] Re: linux in schools

Keith Sayers keiths at apex.net.au
Tue Nov 27 07:08:49 GMT 2007

On Tuesday 27 November 2007 11:34, Rod Ryan wrote:

> Gday cluggers
> The greatest good the new government can do for the australian student
> is to have linux as the operating system on their computers. How can we
> as a group help make this happen?
> I think one of the best ways to do this is by politics. Do any of you
> know or have access to any of the labor party politicians? What do you
> think is the best way? Any suggestioons?

	Anyone who cares to join the Australian Labor Party will get much closer 
access to (and influence over - especially at pre-selection time) politicians 
than anyone outside.  I know because I have and have and would welcome more.  
And yes - open source systems for governments is a line that has been pressed 
within the party for some years now - will anyone else come in and help press 
still more?   ;-)=
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