[clug] Linux on new school computers [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Wed Nov 28 06:30:16 GMT 2007

Robert Edwards wrote:
> Anyone recommend any quintessentially Australian Linux/FOSS Edu-apps
> (or is that Educapps?) I should accidentally demo/refer to just in
> case this goes ahead?

I'd mention SaMBa.  It's an application that has obvious real-world
value, its chief architect lives right here here in Canberra (and may be
coming along to your meeting anyway :-) and it's exactly the sort of
thing that makes a good case for transitioning gradually rather than all
in one go.  And if we can dispel the bogeyman of compatibility right at
the outset - that only Microsoft products can work with other Microsoft
products - then you've got a good approach for talking more about
getting a benefit out of FOSS.

Just my 1 watt-hour's worth (approximately),


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