[clug] Linux on new school computers

Adam Jenkins adam at snorkel.rtfm.net.au
Wed Nov 28 01:21:23 GMT 2007

> I think you underestimate the intelligence of our politicians.  Even
> John Howard would say something like "we're deeply committed to

Or overestimate the intelligence of the Australian people. I just love the
whole concept of 'you give kids a computer, they get smart'.  I guess
that's one way in which developed nations are actually crippled.  Instead
of being forced to look at projects which involve learning/creating code
etc, it's much easier for us to just look at 'projects' which involve
handouts or purchases of hardware because politicans can.  Then there's
the whole argument that if kids like playing with computers and it gets
them in the classroom, then it must be a Good Thing and better than trying
to fight with them to learn history, maths or other such outdated things
that won't help them in the real world like being able to update facebook
pages or play multiplayer RPGs.

> Dixers went out with the eighties.  On the one hand, today they're well
> trained against that, mainly because there's usually some opposition

Yeah they can even handle wags like those from Chasers.

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