[clug] Symantec/Veritas Tapes..

Chris Smart chris at kororaa.org
Tue Nov 27 08:58:48 GMT 2007

Boris wrote:
> I am assuming you are talking about Netbackup here. Depending on how it
> was configured it may very well have used common tar. So first off try
> the GNU tar. But if Netbackup ran on a Solaris box then it may have used
> solaris tar which is somewhat different to gnu. In that case see if you
> can find a solaris box with a tape unit attached (BTW doesn't have to be
> SPARC, x86 solaris will do just as well).

Thanks everyone for your replies. The software is Backup Exec, either
Veritas or the newer Symantec version. Data is written directly to the
tape, but I don't know in what format or how to read the catalog, etc.

I'll have a play and see what I can find.


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