[clug] find-like DNS search

Kim Holburn kim.holburn at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 08:20:32 GMT 2007

There used to be an ls command in nslookup, in the interactive form.   
Most dns servers now have it turned off and at least the BSD version  
of nslookup has depreciated ls.

If you know the IP range you can step over it with a script and do  
reverse DNS lookups but this won't get you the forward lookups which  
may not be the same and it won't get you any hostnames associated  
with IP numbers outside those ranges.

It's a surprising thing that no-one seems to have proper ways of say  
looking up all the host names of an IP number.  You'd think someone  
could create a database out of all the DNS entries.  Of course that  
would only get you the public face of DNS.

On 2007/Nov/27, at 6:43 AM, Michael James wrote:

> Anyone know a DNS search that will look for a hostname
>  searching all subdomains for the given name.
> Anyone even know how to query a domain for it's subdomains?
> ie: dig  -t subdomain   some.domain.with.not.too.many.subdomains?
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> There is no perl one line hack
>  that a page of java won't do more elegantly.
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