[clug] /etc/network/interfaces

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 04:38:39 GMT 2007

> Just remember that if you don't tell the DHCP server to remove the IP
> from its pool it will eventually lease it to another machine and
> you'll end up with conflicting IPs which usually results in Bad


In my case I segregate the IPs that are allowed for known and unknown
clients. I suspect that there are other ways of doing this, but I like
this way!


# /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf

# I am the grand poo-bar (fear me)

# Where to put the noise
log-facility syslog;

# update the DNS?
ddns-update-style none;

# do nothing on this subnet
subnet X.X.X.0 netmask { }

# local subnet
subnet netmask {

   default-lease-time           1200;
   max-lease-time               7200;

   option dhcp-max-message-size 2048;

   allow unknown-clients;

   # PXE FAI booters
   group {
      deny unknown-clients;
      boot-unknown-clients false;

      allow booting;

      use-host-decl-names   on;
      default-lease-time    86400;
      max-lease-time        604800;

      server-name           fatcon;
      next-server           fatcon;
      filename              "fai/pxelinux.0";

      # worker bees
      host bill     { hardware ethernet XXXX; fixed-address;  }
      host ben      { hardware ethernet XXXX; fixed-address;  }
      host donald   { hardware ethernet XXXX; fixed-address;  }
      host douglas  { hardware ethernet XXXX; fixed-address;  }


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