[clug] Spin Down a SATA disk.

matt at kororaa.org matt at kororaa.org
Mon Nov 26 00:08:29 GMT 2007

Last CLUG meeting we were talking about spinning down SATA disks.

I remembered that the Kororaa installer we could stop the spin down of the
CDROM drive using hdparm so I thought there might be something in that.

Anyway I looked around and managed to find out how to spin down SATA
disks. You need to use a command called sdparm, (Which should be in the
debian/Ubuntu repository). Anyway here is the command:

sdparm /dev/sd# --command=stop

And when you access the disk again, it should automatically spin up again.

Sorry if someone else has already mentioned this, I don't currently have
access to my mail so I don't know what has been going on the last few


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