[clug] Odd Mythtv Problem

Pilcher, Fred Fred.Pilcher at act.gov.au
Thu Nov 8 21:29:12 GMT 2007

Jacinta wrote: 
> That'd be Open Media selling MyPVR, I suspect. 
> (http://www.mypvr.co.nz/) There's an Australian version 
> (Australian Dragon) too sold by Better Access 
> (http://www.better-access.com/).  I believe that MyPVR comes 
> completely installed and setup whereas the Dragon comes as 
> hardware with an install disk to avoid some of the legality 
> issues due to the (recentish) Free Trade Agreement with the 
> US.  I believe they advertise install time as taking about 20 minutes.

Yeah - MyPVR - that's the one. It sounds good, but pretty expensive.

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