[clug] Odd Mythtv Problem

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Thu Nov 8 12:02:56 GMT 2007

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Ian Bardsley wrote:
> G.Day List Members
> I have recently re-built my Myth box adding a bit of improved hardware
> and reinstalling Myth using Mythbuntu.  This approach certainly takes
> the pain out of install Mythtv taking around 1 hour to have a working
> Myth system including installing Shepherd as the TV Guide grabber. 
> However I am left with an odd problem in that "Mythfilldatabase" wont
> run automatically.  I can run the process from a terminal and it
> performs faultlessly, populating the database with a full week programme
> guide.  Selecting run mythfilldatabase automatically in setup however
> produces no data.  The application has a start and end time in the same
> minute ( according to Status) but no guide data.

Ah, yes, this old problem.  I believe this is either a permissions problem for
the user running mythfilldatabase - either mythbackend is launching the
mythfilldatabse script with a user other than root and root owns the xmltv
output temporary files or similar, or SELinux is denying a job run from a
program launched by an init script (i.e. mythbackend).  In the latter case,
you as root in a terminal under most SELinux installs is given much more power
than a process running as root started automatically from somewhere.  But I
haven't really delved far enough into this problem to know exactly what causes it.

My brother and I both had this problem and I think we both solved it by
putting mythfilldatabase in root's crontab.  My command is 'sleep $(( $RANDOM
/ 2 )) ; mythfilldatabase' to wait somewhere between zero and five hours, to
spread the load on the tvguide.org.au servers.


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