[clug] Can anyone suggest some place/shop to buy a laptop?

Randall Crook rcrook at vtown.com.au
Thu Nov 8 06:05:04 GMT 2007

I bought a HP Compaq 6715b from harris technology for 1500.
Has a dual core 2.2Ghz Turion 64 in it.. Runs really well with Kubuntu
amd64 (Gutsy) I did install the binary ATI driver for it to get the
performance out of the graphics but the non-free version from the repos
worked ok.

It has a 15.4" 1680x1050 res screen that really does look nice.

160 GB SATA drive and 1GB RAM. DVD Burner etc. etc. and was delivered
next business day when I ordered it on-line.

It did come with Vista Business. But apart from firing it up and
configuring it to work on my network I have only boot the lappy into
Vista maybe 3 or 4 times in the 3 months I have had it.

Hope this helps.


> Shi wrote: 
>> Sorry if this is far away from the topic of this list. My old 
>> laptop was broken due to the heavy rain last Sat (heaps of 
>> water came in). I am planning to buy a new one in Canberra. 
>> But I don't know which shop is good (etc. price, choices).
> I and some of my workmates got HP Pavilions from Domayne in Fyshwick.
> The guy we dealt with was James Hill - he was very obliging and ready to
> do good deals to get a sale. It might be worth checking out what they've
> got.
> For what it's worth, a lesson I learnt was to ask them to fire up the
> actual laptop they're going to give you before you buy it. I ended up
> with a live pixel, and apparently you need to have at least three before
> they'll replace it. It's only a minor annoyance, but I would have
> refused it if I'd had the sense to test it before I took it home.
> Cheers,
> Fred 
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