[clug] Can anyone suggest some place/shop to buy a laptop?

Daniel Rose drose at nla.gov.au
Wed Nov 7 22:16:33 GMT 2007

shih bai wrote:
> Hi all,
> Sorry if this is far away from the topic of this list. My old laptop was
> broken
> due to the heavy rain last Sat (heaps of water came in). I am planning to
> buy
> a new one in Canberra. But I don't know which shop is good (etc. price,
> choices).
> I ran Gentoo on my old laptop and hope that the new one is compatible as
> well.
> The price range I can afford is up to 1600, but no more than that. Can some
> one
> give me some suggestions on the shops, as well as the laptop itself? I list
> some
> of my expectations for the new one.
> *CPU: sometimes I use it to do some computational stuff, so better if the
> cache is larger.
> *Memory: Doesn't matter now. It's expensive in Aus. I can update it when
> I come
>  back to my home country.
> *Monitor: I prefer as least 15.4 as i am nearsighted.
> *Graphic Card: Doesn't matter.
> *Harddrive: >120G is ok for me.
> *Warantty: 1 or 2 year is OK and better to have a service outlet
> in Canberra.

Harris Technology had a special on Thinkpads.  I don't know if it's still on, but it was a pretty good deal if you like the brand (I do.)

If it's over, then I can get a Lenovo 89329um from my wholesaler for about $1,380.

I don't bother with other brands, they break more often in my experience.

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