[clug] Can anyone suggest some place/shop to buy a laptop?

Dale Shaw dale.shaw at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 22:00:29 GMT 2007


On Nov 8, 2007 1:46 AM, shih bai <shih.bai at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Sorry if this is far away from the topic of this list. My old laptop was
> broken
> due to the heavy rain last Sat (heaps of water came in). I am planning to
> buy
> a new one in Canberra. But I don't know which shop is good (etc. price,
> choices).
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If I was looking for a new notebook, I'd steer well clear of the large
retail mobs. Good discount off $RRP or not, they often carry limited
or "home" product ranges, have sales staff who couldn't care less if
they're selling you a notebook or a hair dryer and their post-sales
support is woeful. There are obviously exceptions, e.g. Fred has had a
good experience with Domayne.

My advice is to either buy something online from an authorised
reseller (hint: go to the manufacturer's web site and see a list of
distributors/resellers) or go to a specialist PC retailer that sells
"tier 1" brands (IBM/Sony/NEC/Toshiba/Acer etc.)

If you know what you're doing, and you probably do, you'll only ever
need support for hardware failures. All of the tier 1 brands have
local service agents, so worst case you'll be able of action for a
couple of days.


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