[clug] Managing NAS units?

Chris Smart chris at kororaa.org
Fri Nov 2 02:31:24 GMT 2007

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Robert Edwards wrote:
> My question is: why did those quite independent services need to
> share the NAS? Why couldn't they each have a smaller NAS for primary
> storage and possibly share a separate storage system for secondary
> (backup) storage?

Thanks everyone for your replies.

The purpose of the space is to house a data repository, which multiple
computers (some without fibre connections) will write to.

So is the suggestions that I should just let each computer access them
as a device on the network directly?

Firstly, computers without fibre won't be able to transmit data to the
NAS units without going through a share. This could be solved by adding
a fibre card I guess.

But then we have issues like Windows clients will see these as a dozen
different drive letters, with a file system they won't undertsand.

Linux clients will see multiple devices but at least understand the file

So when it comes to writing massive amounts of data to the SAN, they
have to fill up one device, then switch to another mount point when that
gets full? Sounds ridiculous to me (you'll have say 10 x 4TB devices).

I guess I just want a simple way to present all NAS units as a single
device and filesystem to the rest of the network..

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