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Mark Woodward markonlinux at internode.on.net
Thu Nov 1 09:46:07 GMT 2007

Hi Fred,

On Thu, 1 Nov 2007 16:16:05 +1100
"Pilcher, Fred" <Fred.Pilcher at act.gov.au> wrote:

> Fredd asked: 
> > I was wondering if anybody had managed to get a different
> > background(wallpaper)  on each side of the cube on compiz/beryl?
> > Have tried google and the forums but no luck.
> > I am sure some of the tweakers amongst you have tried this.
> I haven't tried, but for some reason since I upgraded to Kubuntu
> Goatse^H^H^H^H^H^H Gutsy on my HP laptop I can't get any more than two
> faces. Further, however many desktops I set, twice that number appear
> in the kicker - if I set 2, I see 4; if I set 4 I see 8, but whatever
> the number, Compiz's "cube" only has two sides. Weird, though
> certainly not life-threatening - overall I'm very happy with Gutsy.
> The only thing it didn't do was to automatically replace Beryl with
> Compiz-fusion, which I had to install manually (no big deal).
> The upgrade worked flawlessly, though it was a download of around 1GB
> and everything (with the exception of the above minor issue) works
> well. I'm getting used to Dolphin and quite like it.
> I did a fresh Kubuntu Gutse installation from CD on another PC and it,
> too, worked flawlessly. It's an old clunker without accelleration, so
> no eye candy. 
> Fred
> (with one d) 
> ;-) 

I think you're confusing desktops and workspaces. Not sure with
Kubuntu, but with Ubuntu:
right click on the workspaces (bottom right hand corner) > click
properties > and number of columns to 4.

That will give you 4 workspaces ie 4 sides to the cube.



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