[clug] FOSS patent infringements

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Wed May 16 00:49:35 GMT 2007


> If Microsoft were to start suing, it could also kick off a patent war on
> a grand scale. An organization called the Open Innovation Network,
> funded by IBM Corp., Red Hat Inc. and others, has amassed a vast number
> of software patents. In the event of a Microsoft lawsuit against open
> source companies or customers, the OIN would retaliate in kind."
> Now that could get interesting :)

As I understand it, that's an effective way to avoid someone chasing you 
for patent infringements.

They say, "Hah, you're using 250 of my patents but I'm not telling you 
which ones" but you reply, "Hah, you're using 500 of my patents but I'm 
not telling you which ones".

In my opinion, software patents are much like nuclear bombs. You don't 
really want to use them, but threatening to use them (and hoping that 
you do have enough or the other parties BELIEVE you have enough) will 
stop the others from having a go at you.


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