[clug] Video cards to swap

Fred Pilcher fpilcher at netspeed.com.au
Wed May 9 21:13:13 GMT 2007

Paul Wayper wrote:
> I'd at least try it before you give up in despair.  I wouldn't trust the boys
> at Jaycar to know the difference between PCI-e 1x and PCI-e 16x, let alone be
> able to tell the difference between DVI-D and DVI-I on sight.  I can bring a
> DVI->VGA converter along to PSIG if you'd like to test it out.

Dammit. I've been invited to a work-related dinner at the Lobby tonight.
It goes without saying that I'd prefer the Pancake Parlour but, you
know, lousy job but somebody's gotta do it etc. :-(

Next meeting, Paul?


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