[clug] GPS and temperature

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Tue May 8 23:53:46 GMT 2007

Well, don't worry about it's Linux relevance - we can discuss that at
the time... it won't take up the whole evening in any case. I just want
to see what happens and I am sure others will as well! It sounds cool
(excuse the pun).

If anyone has any experience using a GPS receiver as a stratum 1 source
of time for NTP, I would love to hear a talk on that. I started doing
this myself at one stage some years ago, but didn't get too far.


Bob Edwards.

David Tulloh wrote:
> Robert Edwards wrote:
>> David Tulloh wrote:
>>> You can try this using one of those freeze spray cans.  Monitor the 
>>> number of satellites that the GPS device is tracking and then spray a 
>>> little of the freeze stuff onto the crystal, or just spray a whole 
>>> lot into the GPS box.  You should see it lose all the satellites, 
>>> gradually find the first one or two and then rapidly reacquire all 
>>> the rest.
>> I _definitely_ want to see you (or someone else) give a demo of this at
>> the next CLUG meeting!!! I'll even bring the freeze spray!
>> Bob Edwards.
> I can run a demo like this if people will be interested.  I can also 
> talk about what the crystal is doing and how the GPS unit is interacting 
> with it.  I may even be able to scrounge up a mobile phone to demo as well.
> I'm not sure that I can tie it into Linux though.
> David

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