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Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Wed Mar 28 09:39:11 GMT 2007

Adrian Blake <adrian.blake at ieee.org> wrote:
> on my machine
> > file bibliotheque_trigonometrique.f
> bibliotheque_trigonometrique.f: ISO-8859 English text
> > file -i bibliotheque_trigonometrique.f
> bibliotheque_trigonometrique.f: image/x-3ds
> different ?? why? Is there a fix?  I use Mandriva 2007.

The man page for 'file' says it uses a different magic file for the '-i'
option. On my system (Debian sid) they're at /usr/share/file/magic and

magic.mime even has a little hint in it:

# 3DS (3d Studio files) Conflicts with diff output 0x3d '='
#16     beshort         0x3d3d          image/x-3ds

Looks like 'file' can be easily confused if a file has equal signs near
the start, and the Debian maintainer (or somebody else) has disabled the
x-3ds MIME type for that reason.
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