[clug] rotating log files

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Sun Mar 25 23:30:27 GMT 2007

Robert Edwards wrote:
> Thanks Alex,
> Looks like I have an old (unpatched) copy of logrotate as well. I'll
> look into updating.

Scratch that - the version of logrotate I am using (on Ubuntu Dapper)
does have the dateext option, but I was foolishly reading the man page
from a different (older - Debian Sarge) machine, which didn't have it!

Yay for Open Source software - someone else fixed it for me!

Bob Edwards.

> Cheers,
> Bob Edwards.
> Alex Satrapa wrote:
>> On 23/03/2007, at 10:55 , Alex Satrapa wrote:
>>> Apparently logrotate 3.7.4 and greater support the "dateext" option. 
>>> I only have 3.7 on my machines so I can't tell you more details, but 
>>> it was apparently added to address the exact issue you are 
>>> experiencing (multiple redundant backups of the same log file with 
>>> different names).
>> I can't tell by simply reading the log entries what the resolution was 
>> for this bug report in Red Had Fedora:
>>   https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=108775
>> ... but it's entertaining reading.
>> According to Debian's bug tracking system, bug #257685 "please apply 
>> dateext patches from SuSE" was fixed in version logrotate/3.7.1-1 by 
>> Paul Martin <pm at debian.org>
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