[clug] Recording clug talks

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Thu Mar 22 02:03:55 GMT 2007

Robert Edwards wrote:
> To do it more properly, we would need microphones set up to record
> everyone (N101 already has this for the Access Grid - I might look into
> whether we could use the Access Grid's audio recording facilities for
> CLUG meetings).
I looked into this when I was planning on streaming a CLUG meeting last 
year, which never got above the "stream video? you're stoopid!" from  
some parties supposedly in the know.

It is possible to take a feed out of the Vortex unit in the Access Grid 
rack. This is the last step in the audio chain before you hit the actual 
Grid kit, so it will have a feed from every mic in the room, and also 
have echo cancelling built in.

BUT. be aware it will pick up everything, including the people in the 
back row discussing the latest mac hardware, conversation offshots, etc.

This can then be fed into a line in on a laptop or iriver for recording 
from there.

Steve "GridMan" Walsh

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