[clug] Parking at CLUG

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Wed Mar 21 23:56:18 GMT 2007

Craig Small wrote:
> Hi,
>   Anyone know where the best place to park to get to CLUG?  Never been
> before.
>   - Craig
Hi Craig,

Using this map,

CLUG is in building 108, you access it from the left hand side, about 
half way down.
The parking on the map is the orange colour, I recommend the carpark 
blob off Daley road to the right of building 35 (but not requiring the 
big looping drive).
It's a fairly small dirt carpark marked as Staff Parking, but not 
enforced after 5pm.
 From there you walk diagonally in a straight line to the CLUG building, 
it's fairly well lit.

There is closer parking to CLUG but to park there you would be going 
against ANU parking regulations and they have been known to enforce it 
during CLUG meeting times.


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