[clug] Recording clug talks

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Wed Mar 21 22:43:14 GMT 2007

There are multiple ways to do this, although not sure about the results,
given the relatively unstructured nature of the talks (eg. if someone
on the floor asks a question, should it be recorded, or should the
speaker "remember" to repeat the question before answering it? etc).

I use a little iRiver MP3 player/recorded to record my lectures. I can
bring it along tonight if either of the speakers are keen to wear it.

To do it more properly, we would need microphones set up to record
everyone (N101 already has this for the Access Grid - I might look into
whether we could use the Access Grid's audio recording facilities for
CLUG meetings).

Other than that, a laptop with a lapel mic attached would do the job,
to some extent and could encode directly into OGG (presumably vorbis?)


Bob Edwards.

Pascal Klein wrote:
> Hey all,
> I was conversing with an international friend when the topic of
> recording talks came up and somehow we landed on recording lug stuff. I
> was wondering whether this would indeed be a possibility and how
> difficult setting this up and then making the recordings available
> (preferably in OGG) over the net?
> Kind regards.
> -Pascal

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