[clug] Triple-head 3D desktop?

Nathan O'Sullivan nathan at mammoth.com.au
Wed Mar 21 02:18:44 GMT 2007

We have 3 monitors (2 1600x1200, 1 1920x1200) hooked up to a linux
desktop PC that I've been trying intermittently to get working with

I started with an Nvidia PCIe (recent model), and NVIDIA PCI (older
model). When attempting to start-up XGL, the nvidia driver would
complain that it could not create a texture across two different
chipsets - fair enough I guess.

So next attempt was to get a second identical Nvidia PCI card. The
nvidia driver then complained that it could not create a texture greater
than 4096 pixels wide. Which is not particularly useful for this setup.

It works fine without XGL, either as 3 separate screens or with

Are there any configuration options I could use here? I am not fussed
about having one big desktop, but I could not figure out how I might run
separate Xgl servers for each screen.

Or is there separate video hardware that anyone knows to work? I only
went with Nvidia since they generally seem to behave well.


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