[clug] [FOR-SALE] [FREE] sparc stuff going free.

Rob McAuliffe SparcCrap at mcauliffe.id.au
Mon Mar 19 06:20:41 GMT 2007

I have various sparc stuff that's either going to a good home, or the tip:

- Sparcstation 4, 5 and 10; Sparcserver 10 and 20 (can't remember which 
ones are complete or work, but some did at last checking)
- 21" SPARC monitor with cable (scratch on glass on front, but other 
than that OK - works)
- 19" SPARC monitor (would work if you had the patience to wire a cable 
in to it - i've got one that could be used for such purpose)
- SPARC keyboard
- SPARC mouse
- misc other SPARC crap (?? who knows..)

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