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I am not sure if it is sensible at all to compare your bird example to
the difference between installing Gentoo and installing Ubuntu.

The difference here is probably days but the bird is probably several,
billion, centuries.

Let's get back on topic here.

The MTM site said Gentoo is High level of difficulty, but fails to
mention that there are quality documentation that guides you through
it, which would be ideal for those who are willing to spend a few more
days to learn about Linux.

Ok I guess it seem to be a nitpicking... but there are 4 distros on
there saying low level of difficulty. Choice is good as mentioned
above, but what good is it if one isn't informed the difference? I
know there is a link to distro chooser, but IMHO these things are
pretty dodgy... if just a little more (not too much though) was said
about the distros it may be better.

2007/3/16, Sam Couter <sam at couter.id.au>:
> Sunnz <sunnzy at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I haven't tried installing Debian myself but I guess it has a similar
> > installation process to Gentoo, you just need time to do the
> > installation!!!
> Homer's nucular reactor controlling bird could install Debian. Just keep
> pecking at the enter key and you'll get there with sensible defaults.
> Choosing what packages to install is done via roles or tasks, so you just
> pick "Workstation" or "Mail server" or whatever and it'll choose packages
> for you. Or you can choose packages individually. Either way, you don't
> have to wait for the packages to be compiled.
> Of course if you want fancy stuff like encrypted filesystems, LVM, a
> custom partitioning scheme, it can do that too. It's all driven through
> a menu-based interface. I haven't tried the graphical installer so I
> don't know whether it's any different.
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