[clug] MtM - content update

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Thu Mar 15 02:55:48 GMT 2007

On 15/03/2007, at 09:10 , Chris Smart wrote:

> "In essence they are all the same but they can have different ways  
> of doing
> things, such as the way they handle the installation of applications.
> Different distributions often come with different software by  
> default and
> some come with different versions of that software. Artwork is often
> different as can be the layout and feel of the desktop."

At this point in time, the only distribution I'd recommend to someone  
who wanted to "try out this Linux thing" is Ubuntu. Hand them a CD,  
and spend an hour with them as they boot up their computer and take  
those first terrifying steps away from the comfortable rut that is  
Microsoft Windows. Welcome to a brave new world where you don't have  
Them telling you what you can do with your computer!

Open up your timesheet (a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet) in Openoffice.  
Does it work? If not, Linux probably isn't for you. Open up your  
office Fax template (a Microsoft Word document). Does it work? If  
not, Linux probably isn't for you.

Perhaps Make the Move could have a "switching to Linux walkthrough"  
much like the above, except without the psychological comfort of the  
experienced friend sitting beside you.

Oh... and the layout of the site implies some non-linearity or  
*random access* if you will. There is no visual indication that the  
chapters are intended to be read in sequence. Thus having some  
chapters refer to concepts defined in other chapters - on the  
assumption that the visitor has read the previous chapters - is going  
to cause confusion.


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