[clug] Calculating the actual date and time

Basil Chupin blchupin at tpg.com.au
Wed Mar 14 11:59:49 GMT 2007

I am using Mozilla and looking inside the bookmarks.html I can see, for 
example, an entry against one of the URLs I visited as being 
"LAST_ACCESSED: 1168396306", and another one "ADD_DATE: 791585666" 
(which I gather is the date I added it to my bookmarks).

I am assuming that the numbers somehow relate to the starting date 
decided upon many years ago as the starting point from which dates/time 
will be calculated on computers.

Does anyone know of the/a formula which will calculate for me the 'real' 
date and time of the above (large) numbers, or at least point me in the 
right direction where I could find such a formula? I did some searching 
on the web but came up with nothing - most likely because I wasn't using 
the right parameters in the searches.

Thanks in advance.


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